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We are happy to announce the first Egyptological ERC Advanced Grant: ‘The Enigma of the Hyksos’ under the direction of Manfred Bietak starting from 1st of January 2016 under the auspices of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The second host institution for bioarchaeological research is the Bournemouth University – UK, under the direction of Prof. Holger Schutkowski.


August 16, 2018

Hyksos NEWS-Latest article @Archaeology.org

Andrew Curry, contributing editor of the publication of the Archaeological Institute of America, recently interviewed the Hyksos research team. You can read the whole article online or in the latest print issue (September/October 2018, Vol. 71, No 5) of ARCHAEOLOGY Hyksos-foreign-rulers_Article in Archaeology For the first time Prof. Bietak and his team members shared their […]

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July 6, 2018

Coming soon: In July, Prof. Bietak’s Key Lecture @ 64th RAI in INNSBRUCK

Manfred Bietak, PI and Head of the ERC Advanced Grant ‘The Enigma of the Hyksos’ at the Austrian Academy of Sciences will give an account on the unexpected new results of his project in a final keynote lecture at the closing session of the 64th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale in Innsbruck. The closing session of this […]

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June 5, 2018

04.06. – 08.06.2018 @ Prof Bietak on the Austrian Radio Oe1

Vom Weltwunder zum Weltreich Das pharaonische Ägypten, ein Überblick. Mit Manfred Bietak, Ägyptologe an der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Gestaltung: Robert Weichinger Prof. Manfred Bietak gibt täglich einen kurzen Überblick auf die historischen Geschehnisse des Alten Ägyptens. Diese Sendereihe findet die ganze Woche statt, täglich um 17:55 und besticht durch Informationsinhalt und Kürze. Egypt – […]

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