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Jordanian migration and mobility in the Middle Bronze Age (ca. 2100–1550 BCE) at Pella

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The Spiritual Roots of the Hyksos Elite: An Analysis of their Sacred Architecture, Part I


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Ahmose in Avaris?


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CHAPTER 2.1: Middle Bronze Age II Local and Imported Tell el-Yahudiyeh Ware


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‘Animal Proxies to Characterize the Strontium Biosphere in the Northeastern Nile Delta’


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Asiatic and Levantine (-influenced) Products in Nubia: Evidence from the Middle Kingdom to the Early Second Intermediate Period

The Egyptian Community at Avaris during the Hyksos Period


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Nubians in the Nile Delta: à propos Avaris and Peru-Nefer


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Harbours and Coastal Military Bases in Egypt in the 2nd Millennium BC: Avaris – Peru-nefer – Piramesse


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Imitations et productions locales influencées par la céramique chypriote White Painted Pendent Line Style à Tell el-Dab’a


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