PhD RT7 – Nina Maaranen MA, finalising the Application Processes for 2016/2017

August 14, 2017

Prof. Schutkowski from the Bournemouth University has announced that Nina Maaranen starts as the PhD candidate on RT7 within his area of expertise. Nina, a Finnish National, begins her 3-year assignment in autumn term and has already very energetically planned the forthcoming months. Full with various meetings, conferences and visits to Vienna, Italy and Spain (mainly to ascertain some cooperations and the quality of samples available for her research).

As for the team in Vienna, the Austrian Academy, all candidates have been chosen for the individual research tracks! We are happy to announce that the positions for the RT2, RT4, RT5 and RT 6 have now been assigned. There were a number of very good applications that had to be weighted and set against the others in terms of various quality criteria (knowledge/expertise in the relevant research area, previous experience, flexibility, …). Thank you again for the shown interest in this multi-facetted project! It was a difficult task for the core team, and we can only re-iterate to those who have not been chosen to keep looking the Academy’s and project’s website for further job announcements.