Post Doc Position (f/m), Multi-directional Cultural Interference Studies (RT5)

The ERC Advanced Grant ‘The Hyksos Enigma’ at the Host Institution the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW)** – Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology (OREA) is offering a Post Doc position for Research Track 5 (Multi-directional Cultural Interference Studies). This position is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) for 2-3 years/depending on terms of contract. Salary: standard FWF personnel rates.

Project Background: This project seeks to shed light on a very obscure and little understood part in Egyptian history, the so called Hyksos Period and its prelude (c. 1750-1530 BC), during which Egypt was confronted with two heretofore unparalleled phenomena: an influx of a substantial foreign population and – probably as a result – the rule of a foreign dynasty over large parts of Egypt

Key areas of responsibility

  • To study the Cultural Interference in the SIP and apply anthropological theories (e.g. acculturation, assimilation, hybridization) to intra-site developments by evaluating architecture and the corpus of material culture.
  • To study the Cultural Interference during the NK.
  • To define the reverse acculturation and the impact of the Hyksos rule on the NK.
  • To investigate if Canaanite cults and other surviving Levantine elements were taken over directly from the Near Eastern population surviving in Egypt into the NK.
  • To investigate, if an array of innovations in NK-Egypt looking like genuine Egyptian developments, might be results of Hyksos interference in traditional Egyptian culture, literature and religion.
  • To investigate changes in the language and to determine, if innovations were due to the presence of a large body of Near Easterners who did not disappear after the conquest of Avaris, or if such changes were the result of newcomers.


  • PhD in Egyptology or a closely related field.
  • Experience with cultural interference theories.
  • Consolidated knowledge in the linguistic stages of the Ancient Egyptian language.
  • Solid background knowledge of the archaeology and material culture of Egypt and the Levant.

Start Date


Closing date for applications


Contact Person and Grant Holder

Prof. Dr. Manfred Bietak, E-Mail: and CC:

Submission Papers should include:

up to date documents including a detailed CV, a publication list, a brief statement of past achievements and research interests as well as 2 letters of reference.
You must include “0117RT5-THE1608” in the reference/subject line.

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